We are working to create a new business plan.

Update - 10/03/2017


We are rebuilding the entire platform from zero, which is why we still need some time to get back online.

We have successfully tested the chained paypal payment system which will involve three accounts: Buyer, Seller and our program.

We want to create a system that will grow with the contribution of all Members who will be rewarded for their work.

You can earn money by accumulating points or by selling your digital products.

We will offer a percentage resulting from each sale made on our platform.

The greater the work done on our platform will be greater the percentage of gain!

The whole system works with a variable score and will be reset every month.

The profit will be calculated at the end of each month.

The gains achieved during the current month will be awarded the following month, so that we can cope with any refunds and protests that will take place the previous month.

The decision to offer Refunds will not depend on us, but by you, this thing is customizable.

The news are many this is just a taste, we have good ideas and we intend to develop them.

Soon we will introduce the possibility to register in advance before the launch of the new platform.

Come back soon and visit us, we thank you for your patience.